Our customers have told us that the most unpleasant aspect of buying a new or used vehicle is negotiating the price.  With that in mind, we've decided to give EVERYONE our Very BEST PRICE right up front.  At Team Auto Center, we have our Very BEST PRICE on our vehicles at ALL TIMES.  We have priced every new and used vehicle with our true best price to assure the integrity and fairness of your buying experience. 


Our sales consultants are NOT paid to sell cars.  They ARE paid to help you find the car or truck that is right for you.  One consultant stays with you through the entire process, which includes the feature presentation, the demonstration drive, and financing options.  You always get a pressure-free buying experience at Team Auto Center.

Other than purchasing a home, buying a New Or Used Car or Truck is one of the largest financial decisions most of us will experience during our lifetimes.  Many of our customers have told us how they disliked having to negotiate when buying  a vehicle and wondering if some else got a better deal!  At Team Auto Center we don't believe that different people, depending on their ability to negotiate, or lack thereof, should pay different prices for the same vehicle.  We display our Best Price on every New and Used Vehicle to assure integrity and fairness in your buying experience. 


They are paid the same flat fee on every vehicle they sell, whether the Delivered price is $1,000 or $80,000.  We chose the method of compensation to insure that our Sale Consultants show you the vehicle that best meets your needs and wants, not the vehicle they can make the most money selling.  Our staff is rewarded for meeting high GM Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) goals, encouraging them to treat our customers as they would like to be treated!

One Low Price, Plain And Simple...Always
Whether you are 18 or 80, you get the same price, up front in writing, everyday!
Affordable Financial Solutions For Today And Your Future
Competitive financial services to meet your budget and evaluate your options. Your choice and your credit history won't change the price of the vehicle.
The Right Vehicle At The Right Time
We have the right vehicles in stock, based on what you want, at the best value for your money.
Relaxed Shopping Experience
Relax, our sales team is here to help you make a wise choice, and they're paid based on how satisfied you are, not on how much you spend.
Real Cash Value For Your Trade
You'll know what your vehicle is worth before you start to shop. It's based on the current value of your vehicle and doesn't depend on the one you want to buy. We'll pay you that for your vehicle even if you don't buy ours.
You Can't Buy A Wrong Vehicle
5 day money back guarantee on every vehicle: Bring it back in the same condition it was in when purchased and get a full questions asked
You Can't Buy A Wrong Vehicle
5 day money back guarantee on every vehicle: Bring it back in the same condition it was in when purchased and get a full questions asked
The Value Of Honesty And Integrity:
We believe that all decisions are to be made with integrity. Leadership is setting good examples for others to follow, expecting as much from yourself as from others.
The Value Of Individual Responsibility And Accountability:
We believe that we are responsible to satisfy the needs of our customers for all our products are services. Individual accountability for our own performance and for the quality of our products will demonstrate to our customers we are enthusiastic about them and really care
The Value Of Unconditional Dedication To Excellence:
We believe there is no place for mediocrity and half-hearted efforts. We accept personal responsibility for overcoming obstacles and being the very best. We actively choose to excel in every aspect of our personal and professional lives.
The Value Of Cooperation And Communication:
Close mutual support of one another is a fundamental tenet of ours. We value open communication and encourage new ideas, realizing that teamwork produces a better employee work environment and enthusiastic customers and suppliers.
The Value Of Our People:
We have nothing of greater value than our people. We respect the uniqueness of every individual and believe that such an attitude will build a team of confident, creative members possessing a high degree of initiative, self respect and self discipline.
The Value Of Ongoing Improvement:
We believe in not accepting the status quo, in constant improvement, and in the value of ongoing education in any form. We believe in providing opportunity for personal, professional and organizational growth within our company.
The Value Of Being Good Community Citizens:
We give willingly to and are actively involved in the support of our communities because they provide us our success.